Christian Dating Online

Christian Singles Dating - Christian CafeOnline dating services have come a long way since they started almost by the birth of the Internet. Some dating companies became niche specific while others kept their open community services. On this page you’ll learn about both and what to expect from each.

Niche dating services are specialised in one thing that is most important for the potential customer so that they attract those to the service competing with the open community services very efficiently. There are dating sites specialised in matching certain body types, like big beautiful dating sites. Others are specialised in ethnicity, like black, Asian, and Latino. Some sites are even specific in the kind of relationship preferred by the customers, like adult dating, cheat dating … etc.

While all of the above is out of the line when it comes to Christian dating, some niche specific dating sites are made to attract Christians looking for Christians. Examples are Christian Mingle and Christian Match Maker. Some are more specific, like black Christian dating sites excluding all other ethnicities, and Catholic dating sites including all other Christians.

No matter what they say in their messages to the members, these sites are there for one purpose, and one purpose only: making money.

So in their way to make money they aim at pleasing their customers to the point that they love their services enough to pay for it and keep paying until they find their matches.

Christian Cafe is one of the most respected Christian dating sites on the Internet. They have a reputation to protect because this is their main “money maker”. So you can join their site expecting one of the best matching technologies in the Industry while having your privacy protected to the most.

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Open community sites, on the other hand, don’t restrict their services to a certain group of people. Instead they’re open to everyone, just like everything else in our beautiful country that does not discriminate on the basis of anything, including religion.

The open community sites are all over the place and they all claim to be the best. Just to keep in you in the “know”, most of these sites represent the best source of scam victims. I personally know a lady who’s been scammed by her “match”, who after a little while of pretending to be her perfect match started asking for help transferring “his” money to her bank account because he “decided to sell everything where he lives and start a new with her” although he hadn’t seen her yet. She asked me and I advised her to report him to the dating site administration. All what they did is that they banned him from using the service.

Hello … who said he was  a real person to begin with? Such scammers make up a new identity every second!

Anyways, this story repeated with a few ladies that I know, some were lucky to have me aware of their soul mate search activities, others did figure it out on their own, while one of them fell in the trap and gave her bank information to the scammer.

Although this could happen on any dating site, including Christian dating sites, they tend to occur more frequently on the open community dating sites.

So in order to make sure your safe you’d better stick to the big names, like eHarmony. Big names make sure every member’s identity verified before they’re allowed to contact other members.