More on Banks the Christian Mingle Rapist

Christian Singles Dating - Christian CafeBefore we get to the story there are two things that I need to make clear.

First of all Mr. Banks is accused of raping two victims he met on dating sites, one in 2012 from Christian Mingle, and another one in 2009 he met on This proves my point in the previous post that as a rapist he would have done it regardless of the name of the site he found his victim on.

Second, there are other crimes that took place through dating websites. For instance on abc news website there are two related stories: a woman suing for $10M because it matched her with a guy who stabbed her and almost killed her. Now this is more serious than rape if you value life more than dignity. Another story on the same website is about a man, 50, being charged of scamming 10 victims on a dating website. The man promised them marriage and got them to invest in a bogus company and ripped them off their savings. For some this as bad as rape if you consider that if you trust someone you might invest all of your life savings in his company and end up with no retirement you trusted the wrong person.

Have you ever heard the term “Catfish” in the online dating world? Watch the video below:

More ABC US news | ABC World News

Back to Mr. Banks. The sentence of 37 years to life for raping two victims seems satisfying to the victims.

In a previous post I mentioned that he is a graduate student. The news is that he’s an ex naval officer. Doesn’t matter really.

Now to the big point that I want you to take home ladies. The mistake of the most recent rape victim is that after a month of texting she invited him over to her apartment to watch a movie on thanksgiving eve.

As a Christian she is not supposed to do that. She is not supposed to invite a man to be alone with at her apartment and watch a movie together without any other company.

As a man I sympathize with her, especially after reading about the details of the rape and the horror she went through. “Surviving a rape leaves you feeling dead inside”, her words describing how she feels, are enough for me to keep her in my prayers. However, also as a man I find being invited to spend time with a woman in her apartment alone watching a movie (regardless of what kind of movie) is extremely tempting. The man brought his own bar with him as the victim says. This is someone who came prepared for the sin.

The first time you meet your date ladies please do it in a public place. Not only the first time to be frank. As long as you haven’t heard the phrase “You may now kiss the bride” you’re not supposed to meet in private. Remember our enemy whose job is to misguide us and take us with him to eternally burn in the Hell fire.

This website is here to promote chastity among Christians, and safety among daters in general. Date with that in mind. You have already sold yourself to the Lord. You are not free to do whatever you want with your body. And inviting a man you had never seen before to be with you alone at home is not safe. The Internet allows predators to change their skin as frequently as you change your cloth. Our subject in this post is someone who used an alias instead of his real name, and exchanged thoughts about Jesus and the bible with his victim. This is a good example of what anonymity could bring to you if you’re not careful enough.

The devilish nature of the sinner here got him all the courage he needed to use the holy scripture verses to get to sinfully fulfill his desires. He even twisted the meaning of the verse: “You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good” during his trial, and forgot that despite that God intended it for good, the person who committed the harm is still an evil sinner!

It’s a good idea to run a background check on the person you are interested in dating. It’s the least you should do if you are serious about your relationship with that person.

Click here to run a background check on anyone.


Christian Dating Sites Rape

Christian Singles Dating - Christian CafeToday in the news I heard the story of a PhD student accused of two accounts of rape, a burglary. and a threat to witness not to talk. Although it’s not news so far because it happens all the time, what caught my attention is the mention of the site Christian Mingle in the story. Christian mingle is the main sponsor of this blog, and over the years there were no complains of the site itself. That’s why I wanted to write about it.

Christian mingle is a dating site. Their job is to collect the information from the participants and then based on this info they suggest matches for every member according to what they have to offer and what they want in their match.

So far Christian mingle is like any other dating site. They collect the information and match the members.

The problem has nothing to do with Christian mingle, or any other dating site. All the dating sites work the same way, more or less. The threat is not from those sites in particular. The issue is the anonymous nature of the Internet.

Anyone can fake personal data and create a profile on a dating site. And if you remember the story of my friend who was a scam victim of a very famous and expensive website.

You can read her story here.

This incident of a man raping his date has nothing to do with the dating site, or the Internet. The person, if really guilty, is a rapist. If he can perform on a resisting victim it means he is aroused by her suffering. Normal people would be turned off with serious resistance.

I am assuming, and I could be wrong, that the rapist in the news above could have done it without the Internet, and without Christian mingle. If he starts dating a woman he knew from the church and got the opportunity to be with her alone he would have tried to rape her.

The point I want to prove to you is that a rapist is a rapist regardless of how he met his victim. It’s a personal behaviour and has nothing to do with technology.

If you agree with me on this point, you might as well wonder with me why did they name the dating site in the news. Is it an attempt to defame Christian mingle? It could be. Could it be an attempt to defame Christian dating sites (because they only mention the name of the site in the details, the headlines say “Christian dating site”) in favour of secular ones?

You can read more about this news on NBC News.